Tubular Handles

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Elesa+Ganter offers a wide range of tubular handles that, by virtue of the wide variety of production materials, polymer, aluminium, steel or stainless steel, design and ergonomics makes it unique in size and able to meet the most varied market requirements. Some Elesa+Ganter tubular handles which generally are widely used for manoeuvering of large heavy doors in different industrial sectors thanks to the possibility of modularity are also suitable to be used for the realisation of handrails.

Elesa+Ganter thanks to the know-how and the continuous R&D activities can also provide customised technical solutions to meet specific customer needs. For example, M.1043-HEI tubular handle equipped with handle shanks in technopolymer and tube in glass-fibre reinforced polyester it has been designed to provide a high electrical insulation. The different standard solutions available in the catalogue can also be supplied in different colours or personalised with wording or pad-printed or laser engraved logo.

Elesa+Ganter tubular handles are available with technopolymer or metal shanks matched with tubes (diameter from 20 mm to 35 mm) in anodised aluminium, epoxy coating or stainless steel. Some executions have a special anti-rotation tube assembly system studied to prevent rotation during manoeuvering operations ensuring a safe and comfortable grip. Versions without side supports are set up by bars or aluminium tubes according to the diameter (20 mm or 28 mm), and are also available in double curve.

Completing the range tubular handles with oval section which thanks to the tube assembly to the side handle shanks by means of screws offer a high stability during manoeuvring operations. Modern and ergonomic design without any protrusions or recesses for a firm and secure grip are the main features of Elesa+Ganter tubular handles.

Products technical data sheets, along with drawings and tables with codes and dimensions, are available on our website.

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