Operating elements

Elesa Ganter handwheels are ideal for any application where general adjustments need to be made with a turning mechanism. D&D Barry offer a large selection of handwheel types, including solid disk, two, three and four spoke. They are available without handles or with revolving or retractable handles. Materials that are available include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and plastic.

Other names for handwheels include, hand wheels, solid disk handwheels, spoked handwheels, 2 spoked hand wheels, 3 spoked hand wheels, valve hand wheels, machine hand wheels, clutch hand wheels and turning wheels.

Operating elements incorporating technopolymer handwheels, aluminium handwheels, steel handwheels, stainless steel handwheels, bakelite handwheels, spoked handwheels, solid handwheels, pressed steel handwheels, safety handwheels, two-arm handwheels and four-arm handheels.

Available with fixed grip, revolving grip, folding grip and safety grip. Crank handles available in technopolymer crank handle, steel crank handle, aluminium crank handle, stainless steel crank handle, crank handle with folding grip, zinc die cast crank handle, tri-ball handle with fixed handle.

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