Modular Roller Tracks

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ELEROLL roller elements allow to create easily and quickly sliding and containing roller tracks for idle handling, suitable for several applications in different fields, such as feeding and discharging benches in construction machinery, storage and picking systems, packaging machinery, plates and panels handling.

The range offers roller elements made of different materials and dimensions. Black polyamide based Technopolymer(RLT-U-PA), which guarantees high load capacity, grey anti-scratch and anti-trace thermoplastic Polyurethane (RLT-U-TPU), particularly suitable for handling delicate materials such as glass.

Elesa+Ganter has recently introduced ELEROLL roller elements (RLT-U15) with reduced roller diameter ø 14,5 mm in addition to the already existing series (ø 25 mm).The smaller diameter of the rollers allows packages with reduced weight and size to slide smoothly and consequently to generate less vibrations and lower noise improving the safety conditions for the operators.Ball elements for omnidirectional handling (RLS-U), made of white acetal resin based technopolymer complete the line. This solution is suitable when objects need to be rotated by letting the operator standing on the same side or when they need to be moved omnidirectionally.

One of the main advantage of ELEROLL system is modularity. In fact, roller tracks can be easily assembled by fixing the roller or ball elements inside the aluminium profiles (RTL-AL). The particular section of the profile allows the snap-in assembly of the elements without the need for screws or other fasteners. This feature also makes it possible to substitute even a single roller element in an easy and quick way without disassembling the entire roller track.

In addition to roller elements, ELEROLL range includes technopolymer accessories, such as: headers, containment edge, brakes, brackets and supports to customised the roller track whatever the application.

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