Panel support clamp

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Consisting of retention elements for a quick and safe assembly of protection panels, with no need for drilling.

The new PC series panel support clamp consists of two technopolymer bodies connected by means of an articulated joint and a screw with nut for clamping. The special conformation of the components guarantees their retention, even in
case of panel disassembly (ELESA patent), in compliance with the Machine Directive (2006/42/CE).

If the clamp is opened, the tightening screw does not yield below an extraction force of 250 N, without coming out from its housing.

On the one hand, this makes assembly and disassembly operations easier and, on the other, there is no risk of dropping inside the machinery of one or more components.

Another great advantage offered by the PC series panel support clamp is that there is no need for drilling, thanks to the thermoplastic elastomer pads overmoulded and chemically bonded to the technopolymer bodies. The pads deform upon tightening to guarantee the perfect fastening of the inserted panel, while the embossed surface avoid any possible sticking of the pad to the panel over the time. The special dimensions of the clamp allow its assembly on profiles with a width of 25 mm. The tightening clamp allows the assembly of panels with thickness from 3.1 mm to 4 mm. The assembly of panels with higher thicknesses, up to a maximum of 8 mm, is possible by inserting the spacers into a specific cavity provided in the clamp.

The tightening screw of the panel and the assembly screws of the clamp on the profile have got the same hexagonal seat. Thus, it is possible to make the assembly by using only one hexagonal key (Ch.4).

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