Spirit Levels

Spirit levels are small and inconspicuous but important little helpers. When a machine, a tripod or an assembly point is to be aligned with precision, the grand entrance of these standard elements has come. This is why Elesa+Ganter has included these elements in its range of products. If precision is called for, the accurate horizontal alignment and orientation of production plants, measuring instruments, adjustment units or assembly elements is crucially important.

Integrated spirit levels allow objects “to be levelled out” with ease, and the exact position can be checked later at any time and at a glance. The way spirit levels work is simple: a hollow body accommodates a fluid and a gas bubble, with the bubble always floating by its buoyancy to the highest point. In screw-on levels this effect is accomplished with a slight curvature
of the cylindrical body. If the gas bubble is located between the two linear markings, the object is aligned horizontally in one direction. The two-dimensional alignment therefore needs two screw-on levels turned by 90 degrees or a bull’s eye level.

A bull’s eye level shows the position of the object in two directions at the same time: once the gas bubble is situated in the middle of the centric circular marking, the horizontal position is reached.
Elesa+Ganter has now included these universal and indispensable adjustment aids into its standard product range – as screw-in levels with one, two or three sight glasses, and as bull’s eye levels in various different designs. For instance as top mounted threaded assembly, countersunk with threaded flange, for insertion into bore holes, for top-attachment with or without threaded, or as simple spirit level elements. And there are also the adjustable bull’s eye levels with a central alignment ball at their base and three threads. The level is adjusted by the target specific tightening of the three mounting screws. All bull’s eye levels are made in black or natural colour aluminium, while the screw-on levels are manufactured of powdered brass.

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