Slim handles with design award

Elesa+Ganter has developed aluminium and polyamide handles, formally reduced in design and made specially to match 19 inch rack and enclosure layouts. For these handles, Elesa+Ganter has now received the prestigious iF Product Design Award 2014 – an award for outstanding and pioneering design.

The first thought that comes to mind when hearing “design” is usually about cars or smart phones of a certain brand. But design also plays an important part in capital goods such as tool machines, medical appliances and instruments or components. Classical examples are handles which are often used as standard element and which create the tangible interface with the user or operator. Ergonomic design, attractive appearance, long service life and safety are important features, which is one reason why a good handle is more than just a simple product.

Elesa+Ganter is aware of this complexity, and is among the world’s most experienced manufacturers when it comes to handles and their design. The fact that design is an essential factor is impressively shown by the bow-type “U” handle GN 423. Designed in-house, this handle has now been honoured with the renowned iF Product Design Award 2014 by a panel of experts chaired by Prof. Fritz Frenkler of the Technical University of Munich. The annual iF Product Design Award is one of the most prestigious international competitions worldwide – in 2014 over 3,200 products from all over the world competed for the award in one of its 17 categories. And Elesa+Ganter now proudly displays the latest iF label on one of its products.

The “U” handles GN 423 have been designed to match the specific dimensional requirements of the 19 inch rack and enclosure layouts, very subdued and unobtrusive in design and extremely functional and ergonomic in use as a result. While the actual handle bar is made of natural or black anodised aluminium, Elesa+Ganter manufactures the handle shanks from glass fibre reinforced polyamide. Bar and handle shanks are easily plug-connected and are finally bolted in place with the 19 inch insert through the cylindrical shanks. The plug-type connection not only makes mounting and
assembly easier and generates a material contrast pleasant to the touch, it also allows special lengths and eases storage before assembly. Of course, the robust GN 423 handles also comply with RoHS and boast a very long service life.

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