Particle Strainer

Dirt particles should be blocked or contained when you ventilate enclosures or other air flow controlled devices. Elesa+Ganter now has new stainless steel strainers with precise mesh sizes in the μm range.
The operation of machines and devices can generate pressure differences between the inside of the enclosure and its surroundings.

This can be caused by temperature differences or by the dynamic movement of machine components. Paint stripping machines for example are protected from excessive stress by creating controlled pressure equilibrium.

In the past machine designers attempted to achieve this goal by using a sintered structure or knitted wire fabric approaches which did not allow permeability to be controlled with accuracy therefore limiting the extent that dust and dirt were permitted to enter or exit. Much more effective and above all much more precise are strainer-based pressure compensation components now offered by Elesa+Ganter under the standard code GN 7403. The key feature is a stainless steel strainer embedded in polyamide with a precisely defined mesh size of 100 μm or 500 μm. Elesa+Ganter strainers therefore provide an effective bidirectional barrier to stop dust, dirt particles or pollutants dispersed in the gas phase.

Particleswith diameters greater than the mesh size therefore can neither exit nor penetrate the device during pressure equilization. The outside diameter of strainer components with recessed hexagon matches the bolt mounting holes for DIN 3852 and their thread length allows for different wall thicknesses. Made from aluminum or stainless steel each component has a sealing ring embedded in a radial and plane-sided recess which makes the seal captive preventing it from being squeezed out during tightening. And for finished look Elesa+Ganter offers the additional solution of mounting nut GN 543.1.

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