GN 815

Spring plungers
Steel / Stainless Steel, with ball / with collar

CodeSpring loadin N "u2248initialMaterialWeight(g)wl2l3l1d3d2d1Color NameSpring loadin N "u2248end
GN 815-M10-ST
24BA_Steel1526-14166M 10-45
GN 815-M12-ST
26BA_Steel252.57-15188M 12-49
GN 815-M4-ST
8BA_Steel30.8356.562.5M 4-14
GN 815-M5-ST
8BA_Steel50.946.78.583M 5-14
GN 815-M6-ST
11BA_Steel815-9103.5M 6-18
GN 815-M8-ST
18BA_Steel101.55.5-11134.5M 8-31

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