GN 7490

Welding sockets
Steel / Stainless Steel, with and without collar

CodeColor Named1d2d3h1h2Weight(g)Material
GN 7490-ST-G1-A
-G 1504020-165BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G1-B
-G 15040207.5111BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G1/2-A
-G 1/2322616-52BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G1/2-B
-G 1/23226164.536BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G1/4-A
-G 1/4242014-35BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G1/4-B
-G 1/4242014324BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G1/8-A
-G 1/8201610-18BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G1/8-B
-G 1/8201610313BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G11/2-A
-G 1 1/2655524-282BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G11/2-B
-G 1 1/26555247.5177BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G11/4-A
-G 1 1/4605022-243BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G11/4-B
-G 1 1/46050227.5150BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G2-A
GN 7490-ST-G2-B
GN 7490-ST-G21/2-A
G2 1/2958530-628BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G21/2-B
G2 1/29585308408BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G3-A
GN 7490-ST-G3-B
GN 7490-ST-G3/4-A
-G 3/4403218-96BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G3/4-B
-G 3/4403218658BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G3/8-A
-G 3/8282214-41BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-G3/8-B
-G 3/82822144.528BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M10x1-A
M 10 x 1201610-18BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M10x1-B
M 10 x 1201610314BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M12x1,5-A
M 12 x 1.5242014-37BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M12x1,5-B
M 12 x 1.5242014326BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M14x1,5-A
M 14 x 1.5242014-33BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M14x1,5-B
M 14 x 1.5242014322BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M16x1,5-A
M 16 x 1.5282214-44BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M16x1,5-B
M 16 x 1.52822144.526BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M18x1,5-A
M 18 x 1.5322616-67BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M18x1,5-B
M 18 x 1.53226164.543BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M20x1,5-A
M 20 x 1.5322616-60BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M20x1,5-B
M 20 x 1.53226164.542BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M22x1,5-A
M 22 x 1.5322616-53BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M22x1,5-B
M 22 x 1.53226164.534BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M26x1,5-A
M 26 x 1.5403218-99BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M26x1,5-B
M 26 x 1.5403218657BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M27x2-A
M 27 x 2403218-94BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M27x2-B
M 27 x 2403218653BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M33x2-A
M 33 x 3504020-167BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M33x2-B
M 33 x 35040207.5111BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M42x2-A
M 42 x 2605022-241BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M42x2-B
M 42 x 26050227.5160BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M48x2-A
M 48 x 2655524-277BA_Steel
GN 7490-ST-M48x2-B
M 48 x 26555247.5173BA_Steel

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