GN 722.5-A4

Indexing plungers
Steel / Stainless Steel, with flange for surface mounting, right-angled to the plunger pin

Coded1 Pin -0.05/-0.25 Bore +0.1/+0.3spring load in n≈ endrohsA/FMaterialmsd3d2 +0.3l1-≈d4h1h2l2l3l4l5Weight(g)spring load in n≈ initial
GN 722.5-10-20-A-A4
1035Y - yes10BB_Stainless steel3420366.17077.51.51435524816014
GN 722.5-12-20-A-A4
1235Y - yes10BB_Stainless steel3420366.17077.51.51435524816314
GN 722.5-14-20-A-A4
1435Y - yes10BB_Stainless steel3420366.17077.51.51435524816714
GN 722.5-16-30-A-A4
1670Y - yes17BB_Stainless steel55305010.1103101552054788070322
GN 722.5-20-30-A-A4
2070Y - yes17BB_Stainless steel55305010.1103101552054788072122
GN 722.5-8-20-A-A4
835Y - yes10BB_Stainless steel3420366.17077.51.51435524815514

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