GN 6220-NI

Steel / Stainless Steel, with female thread and threaded stud

Codel1-±0-1-through-holethreadMaterialsColor Namel2e-≈l1-±0-1t min.Weight(g)dl1-±0-1-threadedblind-hole
GN 6220-NI-M10-100-A
-BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-16171M 10100
GN 6220-NI-M10-100-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.510016191M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-25-A
25BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-1636M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-25-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.5251645M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-30-A
30BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-1642M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-30-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.5301655M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-35-A
-BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-1649M 1035
GN 6220-NI-M10-35-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.5351663M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-40-A
-BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-1657M 1040
GN 6220-NI-M10-40-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.5401676M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-45-A
-BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-1666M 1045
GN 6220-NI-M10-45-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.5451683M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-50-A
-BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-1672M 1050
GN 6220-NI-M10-50-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.5501693M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-60-A
-BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-1690M 1060
GN 6220-NI-M10-60-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.56016113M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-70-A
-BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-16111M 1070
GN 6220-NI-M10-70-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.57016132M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M10-80-A
-BB_Stainless steel17--19.5-16130M 1080
GN 6220-NI-M10-80-B
-BB_Stainless steel17-1619.58016152M 10-
GN 6220-NI-M4-10-A
10BB_Stainless steel7--8-94M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-10-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-881053M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-12-A
12BB_Stainless steel7--8-96M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-12-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-881274M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-15-A
15BB_Stainless steel7--8-94M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-15-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-881594M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-20-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-95M 420
GN 6220-NI-M4-20-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-882096M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-25-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-910M 425
GN 6220-NI-M4-25-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-882598M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-30-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-914M 430
GN 6220-NI-M4-30-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-883099M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-35-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-99M 435
GN 6220-NI-M4-35-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-8835911M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-40-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-911M 440
GN 6220-NI-M4-40-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-8840913M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-45-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-912M 445
GN 6220-NI-M4-45-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-8845914M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-50-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-916M 450
GN 6220-NI-M4-50-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-8850916M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-60-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-920M 460
GN 6220-NI-M4-60-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-8860919M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-70-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-922M 470
GN 6220-NI-M4-70-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-8870922M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M4-80-A
-BB_Stainless steel7--8-926M 480
GN 6220-NI-M4-80-B
-BB_Stainless steel7-8880926M 4-
GN 6220-NI-M5-12-A
12BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-106M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-12-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.21276M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-15-A
15BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-106M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-15-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.215106M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-20-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-1010M 520
GN 6220-NI-M5-20-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2201010M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-25-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-108M 525
GN 6220-NI-M5-25-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2251012M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-30-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-1010M 530
GN 6220-NI-M5-30-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2301012M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-35-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-1014M 535
GN 6220-NI-M5-35-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2351014M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-40-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-1016M 540
GN 6220-NI-M5-40-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2401016M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-45-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-1020M 545
GN 6220-NI-M5-45-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2451018M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-50-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-1018M 550
GN 6220-NI-M5-50-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2501020M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-60-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-1024M 560
GN 6220-NI-M5-60-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2601025M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-70-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-1034M 570
GN 6220-NI-M5-70-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2701029M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M5-80-A
-BB_Stainless steel8--9.2-1032M 580
GN 6220-NI-M5-80-B
-BB_Stainless steel8-89.2801033M 5-
GN 6220-NI-M6-12-A
12BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-126M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-15-A
15BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-127M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-15-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5151010M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-20-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1012M 620
GN 6220-NI-M6-20-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5201212M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-25-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1012M 625
GN 6220-NI-M6-25-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5251215M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-30-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1216M 630
GN 6220-NI-M6-30-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5301222M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-35-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1220M 635
GN 6220-NI-M6-35-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5351220M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-40-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1222M 640
GN 6220-NI-M6-40-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5401226M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-45-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1226M 645
GN 6220-NI-M6-45-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5451230M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-50-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1230M 650
GN 6220-NI-M6-50-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5501232M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-60-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1234M 660
GN 6220-NI-M6-60-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5601240M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-70-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1241M 670
GN 6220-NI-M6-70-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5701246M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M6-80-A
-BB_Stainless steel10--11.5-1248M 680
GN 6220-NI-M6-80-B
-BB_Stainless steel10-1011.5801256M 6-
GN 6220-NI-M8-15-A
15BB_Stainless steel13--15-1412M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-20-A
20BB_Stainless steel13--15-1416M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-20-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415201424M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-25-A
-BB_Stainless steel13--15-1222M 825
GN 6220-NI-M8-25-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415251426M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-30-A
-BB_Stainless steel13--15-1423M 830
GN 6220-NI-M8-30-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415301431M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-35-A
-BB_Stainless steel13--15-1430M 835
GN 6220-NI-M8-35-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415351437M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-40-A
-BB_Stainless steel13--15-1434M 840
GN 6220-NI-M8-40-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415401444M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-45-A
-BB_Stainless steel13--15-1440M 845
GN 6220-NI-M8-45-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415451450M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-50-A
-BB_Stainless steel13--15-1444M 850
GN 6220-NI-M8-50-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415501456M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-60-A
-BB_Stainless steel13--15-1458M 860
GN 6220-NI-M8-60-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415601465M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-70-A
-BB_Stainless steel13--15-1468M 870
GN 6220-NI-M8-70-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415701477M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M8-80-A
-BB_Stainless steel13--15-1479M 880
GN 6220-NI-M8-80-B
-BB_Stainless steel13-1415801488M 8-
GN 6220-NI-M3-10-A
10BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-72M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-10-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.41052M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-12-A
12BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-72M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-12-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.41272M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-15-A
-BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-72M 315
GN 6220-NI-M3-15-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.41573M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-20-A
-BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-73M 320
GN 6220-NI-M3-20-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.42074M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-25-A
-BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-74M 325
GN 6220-NI-M3-25-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.42575M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-30-A
-BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-75M 330
GN 6220-NI-M3-30-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.43076M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-35-A
-BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-76M 335
GN 6220-NI-M3-35-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.43577M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-40-A
-BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-77M 340
GN 6220-NI-M3-40-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.44078M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-45-A
-BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-78M 345
GN 6220-NI-M3-45-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.44579M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-50-A
-BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-79M 350
GN 6220-NI-M3-50-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.450710M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-8-A
8BB_Stainless steel5.5-6.4-71M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M3-8-B
-BB_Stainless steel5.566.4852M 3-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-10-A
10BB_Stainless steel5-5.8-71M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-10-B
-BB_Stainless steel565.81052M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-12-A
12BB_Stainless steel5-5.8-72M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-12-B
-BB_Stainless steel565.81272M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-15-A
-BB_Stainless steel5-5.8-73M 2.515
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-15-B
-BB_Stainless steel565.81573M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-20-A
-BB_Stainless steel5-5.8-73M 2.520
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-20-B
-BB_Stainless steel565.82073M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-25-A
-BB_Stainless steel5-5.8-74M 2.525
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-25-B
-BB_Stainless steel565.82574M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-30-A
-BB_Stainless steel5-5.8-74M 2.530
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-30-B
-BB_Stainless steel565.83075M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-5-A
5BB_Stainless steel5-5.8-71M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-8-A
8BB_Stainless steel5-5.8-71M 2.5-
GN 6220-NI-M2,5-8-B
-BB_Stainless steel565.8851M 2.5-

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