GN 617.1-NI (Stainless Steel with Plastic knob)

Indexing plungers
Steel / Stainless Steel with rest position

CodeColor Named1 Pin -0.02/-0.05 Bore H7d2d3el1-≈l2l3l4l5 minAFSpring load in N3Spring load in N2Weight(g)
GN 617.1-10-A-NI
-10M 20 x 1.53125.49110331030221740133
GN 617.1-10-AK-NI
-10M 20 x 1.53125.49110331030221740150
GN 617.1-5-A-NI
-5M 10 x 12113.8515175151261522
GN 617.1-5-AK-NI
-5M 10 x 12113.8515175151261527
GN 617.1-6-A-NI
-6M 12 x 1.52516.2616206171482130
GN 617.1-6-AK-NI
-6M 12 x 1.52516.2616206171482143
GN 617.1-8-A-NI
-8M 16 x 1.53121.975.57268231992679
GN 617.1-8-AK-NI
-8M 16 x 1.53121.975.57268231992696

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