GN 615-K/KS

Spring plungers
Steel / Stainless Steel, with ball / with slot

CodeColor Named1d2l-±0-1wWeight(g)MaterialSpring loadin N "u2248initialSpring loadin N "u2248end
GN 615-M10-K
-M 1061927BA_Steel2445
GN 615-M10-KS
-M 1061926BA_Steel57104
GN 615-M12-K
-M 128222.510BA_Steel2649
GN 615-M12-KS
-M 128222.510BA_Steel61110
GN 615-M16-K
-M 1610243.520BA_Steel4186
GN 615-M16-KS
-M 1610243.522BA_Steel68142
GN 615-M20-K
-M 2012304.543BA_Steel56111
GN 615-M20-KS
-M 2012304.543BA_Steel84166
GN 615-M24-K
-M 2415345.570BA_Steel81151
GN 615-M24-KS
-M 2415345.570BA_Steel127237
GN 615-M3-K
-M 31.570.41BA_Steel34.5
GN 615-M4-K
-M 42.590.81BA_Steel614
GN 615-M5-K
-M 53120.91BA_Steel814
GN 615-M5-KS
-M 53120.91BA_Steel1522
GN 615-M6-K
-M 63.51412BA_Steel1118
GN 615-M6-KS
-M 63.51412BA_Steel1928
GN 615-M8-K
-M 84.5161.53BA_Steel1831
GN 615-M8-KS
-M 84.5161.52BA_Steel3662
GN 615-M4-KS
-M 42.590.81BA_Steel1218

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