GN 292

Linear actuators
Steel / Stainless Steel, with right and left hand thread

CodeColor NameAR Tube dimensiond1l1max strokeThreaded spindled2 f7d3l2l3l4m1m2for key DIN 6885Weight(g)
GN 292-18-120-RL1-SCR
-618120*every 167TR10x36M 32xl1 17170161724A2x2x12440
GN 292-30-130-RL1-SCR
-830130*every 601TR14x48M 42xl1 253102.5162338A2x2x121250
GN 292-40-205-RL1-SCR
-1240205*every 753TR20x412M 52xl1 299117.5174254A4x4x123130
GN 292-40-255-RL1-SCR
-1240255*every 753TR20x412M 52xl1 299117.5174254A4x4x123560
GN 292-50-300-RL1-SCR
-1250300*every 748TR20x412M 62xl1 309120184254A4x4x126400
GN 292-50-350-RL1-SCR
-1250350*every 748TR20x412M 62xl1 309120184254A4x4x126700
GN 292-60-300-RL1-SCR
-1460300*every 715TR24x514M 82xl1 375142.5195870A5x5x169900

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