GN 1804.1

Slotted locknuts
self-locking, with polyamide insert

CodehNumber of slotsMaterialmColor Named3d1 6Hd2bWeight(g)Code no. forC-Spanner
GN 1804.1-M10x0,75
7.54BA_Steel4.5-15M 10 x 0.751836DIN 1810-A16-20
GN 1804.1-M10x1
7.64BA_Steel4.4-15M 10 x 11837DIN 1810-A16-20
GN 1804.1-M12x1
7.54BA_Steel4.5-18M 12 x 12139DIN 1810-A16-20
GN 1804.1-M12x1,5
9.24BA_Steel5.7-18M 12 x 1.521310DIN 1810-A16-20
GN 1804.1-M14x1,5
10.74BA_Steel6-21M 14 x 1.524411DIN 1810-A25-28
GN 1804.1-M15x1
8.54BA_Steel5.5-21M 15 x 124412DIN 1810-A25-28
GN 1804.1-M16x1,5
10.74BA_Steel7.3-24M 16 x 1.528413DIN 1810-A25-28
GN 1804.1-M17x1
8.54BA_Steel5.5-24M 17 x 128417DIN 1810-A25-28
GN 1804.1-M18x1,5
10.74BA_Steel7.3-24M 18 x 1.528419DIN 1810-A25-28
GN 1804.1-M20x1
9.54BA_Steel6.5-27M 20 x 132422DIN 1810-A30-32
GN 1804.1-M20x1,5
9.64BA_Steel6-27M 20 x 1.532424DIN 1810-A30-32
GN 1804.1-M22x1,5
12.74BA_Steel7-33M 22 x 1.538526DIN 1810-A40-42
GN 1804.1-M24x1,5
10.74BA_Steel6.2-33M 24 x 1.538528DIN 1810-A40-42
GN 1804.1-M25x1,5
10.54BA_Steel6.5-33M 25 x 1.538533DIN 1810-A40-42
GN 1804.1-M28x1,5
11.24BA_Steel6.9-38M 28 x 1.544535DIN 1810-A45-50
GN 1804.1-M30x1,5
114BA_Steel6.5-38M 30 x 1.544546DIN 1810-A45-50
GN 1804.1-M32x1,5
11.24BA_Steel6.6-44M 32 x 1.550549DIN 1810-A45-50
GN 1804.1-M35x1,5
114BA_Steel7-44M 35 x 1.550560DIN 1810-A45-50
GN 1804.1-M38x1,5
12.24BA_Steel6.6-47M 38 x 1.553565DIN 1810-A52-55
GN 1804.1-M40x1,5
124BA_Steel8.2-50M 40 x 1.556674DIN 1810-A58-62
GN 1804.1-M42x1,5
15.24BA_Steel10.6-55M 42 x 1.562676DIN 1810-A58-62
GN 1804.1-M45x1,5
124BA_Steel8.2-55M 45 x 1.562679DIN 1810-A58-62
GN 1804.1-M50x1,5
134BA_Steel8.5-61M 50 x 1.5686102DIN 1810-A68-75
GN 1804.1-M55x2
13.56BA_Steel8.5-68M 55 x 2757141DIN 1810-A68-75
GN 1804.1-M60x2
13.56BA_Steel8.5-73M 60 x 2807149DIN 1810-A80-90

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