GN 000.5

Coupling attachments
for safety handwheels, with needle bearing

Coded6 -0.05 Bore Ø of handwheel hub H7rohsl2-±0-1-length-of-handwheel-hubd2 H7 Bore with keywayMateriald1 "u00D8 HandwheelGN 321GN 322GN 323d3d4 max.No.l1l3tWeight(g)d5 Minium Ø of handwheel hub d5
GN 000.5-1-K12
25Y - yes18 | 19K 12BA_Steel125 | 1402917142122613029
GN 000.5-2-K14
29Y - yes19 | 20K 14BA_Steel140 | 1603321248143019333
GN 000.5-3-K18
35Y - yes24K 18BA_Steel2003926350133627539
GN 000.5-4-K22
41Y - yes28K 22BA_Steel2504630454134239046

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