DIN 6319-A4

Spherical washers
Steel / Stainless Steel

CodeColor NameTransferable staticbolt force in kNmax.d5 Screwd2rohsrd1 H13d4d3h1h2h3Weight(g)Color Code
DIN 6319-10,5-C-A4
Spherical seat washer17M 1021Y - yes1510.5--0.84-7C
DIN 6319-12-D-A4
Dished washer with d3 = d217M 10-Y - yes-1218.521--4.27D
DIN 6319-13-C-A4
Spherical seat washer25M 1224Y - yes1713--1.14.6-8C
DIN 6319-14,2-D-A4
Dished washer with d3 = d225M 12-Y - yes-14.22024--510D
DIN 6319-17-C-A4
Spherical seat washer47M 1630Y - yes2217--1.35.3-13C
DIN 6319-19-D-A4
Dished washer with d3 = d247M 16-Y - yes-192630--6.218D
DIN 6319-21-C-A4
Spherical seat washer73M 2036Y - yes2721--26.3-22C
DIN 6319-23,2-D-A4
Dished washer with d3 = d273M 20-Y - yes-23.23136--7.531D
DIN 6319-25-C-A4
Spherical seat washer105M 2444Y - yes3225--2.48.2-43C
DIN 6319-28-D-A4
Dished washer with d3 = d2105M 24-Y - yes-283744--9.561D
DIN 6319-31-C-A4
Spherical seat washer168M 3056Y - yes4131--3.611.2-110C
DIN 6319-35-D-A4
Dished washer with d3 = d2168M 30-Y - yes-354956--12120D
DIN 6319-6,4-C-A4
Spherical seat washer6M 612Y - yes96.4--0.72.3-2C
DIN 6319-7,1-D-A4
Dished washer with d3 = d26M 6-Y - yes-7.11112--2.82D
DIN 6319-8,4-C-A4
Spherical seat washer10M 817Y - yes128.4--0.63.2-3C
DIN 6319-9,6-D-A4
Dished washer with d3 = d210M 8-Y - yes-9.614.517--3.54D
DIN 6319-15-C-A4
Spherical seat washer34M 1428Y - yes2215--1.25-11C
DIN 6319-16,5-D-A4
Dished washer with d3 = d234M 14-Y - yes-16.524.828--5.616D

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