GN826 Clamping Element

Whenever adjustable spindles with control knobs or small handwheels need to be opera- ted and secured against twisting and turning, Elesa+Ganter‘s clamping elements GN 826 are just the job. Spindles for manual adjustment are normally operated using control knobs, control handwheels and handwheels. This virtually universal solution works perfectly but it needs an extra element to secure the position of the spindle against dislodging forces caused by vibrations for instance. For this job Elesa+Ganter has a pretty inconspicuous but very practical standard element in its product range.

Available under the standard GN 826 this clamping element made of black anodized aluminium with its reliable and gentle wedging mechanism allows the stepless stopping or braking right through to the full clamping of the spindle. Mounted between adjusting element and spindle bearing the desired spindle mobility can so be accomplished depending on requirement. Using a clamping screw the brass clamping wedge is pushed over the spindle axis and the secure loosening action is ensured by the clamping screw moving along when turned back.

If fast and frequent re-clamping actions are required the design version with a compact adjustable handle is the best choice. In its Type H it takes the place of the clamping screw which is normally adjusted using a hexagonal box spanner. To account for a wide variety of different installation situations the ring-shaped standard element can also be mounted with the clamping screw pointing to the right or the left.

The GN 826 has also been designed such that it can function as a spindle store for axes diameters ranging from 8 to 10 millimetres. Like virtually every Elesa+Ganter standard element GN 826 also conforms with RoHS.

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