GN306 Clamp Lever With Pad

Practically indispensable: Adjustable hand levers with levers that can be disengaged and rotated freely, are now also available with special tipped threaded studs for specific applications.Adjustable hand levers made of zinc die cast, plastic or even stainless steel, are known for their diverse variations and many lever choices.

Elesa+Ganter’s GN 300 and related series are available in countless options. Adjustable hand levers generally offer one significant advantage in comparison to their traditional counterparts, the fixed clamping lever: they can be disengaged once tightened and the lever can be swiveled to its optimal position.

Elesa+Ganter’s hand levers are ideal operating elements for clamping in confined spaces and in predetermined lever positions Additionally, Elesa+Ganter has now equipped its adjustable levers with optional tipped studs under the standard code GN 306, allowing the levers to be adapted ideally for their use.

Tipped studs with brass or plastic tips (Types MS/KU) avoid damage to the area where the clamping force is applied to the component. Meanwhile, the hardened oval tip (Type DZ) has a clearly defined shape that provides a pressure point. Another available option is the stud with a spherical end (Type ZK), which can, for example, be used for alignment. The Type KD spherical end with swivel thrust pad distributes the pressure across a larger surface areaversions are available in three different thread sizes (M6, M8 and M10)

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