Slotted Nuts

Slotted nuts are always indispensable whenever the axial interplay of shafts, bearings or spindles needs to be adjusted. Elesa+Ganter has now found a particularly elegant way of solving the problem of securing against rotation.

Slotted nuts can be secured in a variety of ways – or maybe not, since the methods used so far have been unsatisfactory. The simplest but also the most cumbersome method is locking with another nut. It is claimed that using a nut with polyamide insert has a self-locking effect. In fact, it only provides a temporary lock, with very limited reusability

It is obviously that slotted nuts get the job done more effectively with their transverse threaded hole. The threaded pin inserted in this hole moves a brass pin with a tip which precisely fits the thread of the nut. This enables the locking pin to firmly press against the shaft thread without damaging it. There are disadvantages, however:

The multi-piece slotted nut costs more, there is the constant risk of loosing the pin, and there is a slight possibility of damaging the shaft thread.

Elesa+Ganter is now offering a solution which is elegant and practical at the same time. With the GN 1804.2 product line, Elesa+Ganter has expanded its portfolio of slotted nuts with an integrated safeguard which can be used without fear of loss or damage. Using a special procedure, a piece of the nut’s thread is cut away to form a threaded tab, and a single threaded pin presses the entire face of the tab against the shaft thread. The greater contact surface significantly improves fixation.

When the pin is removed, the tab elastically goes back into place, making the GN 1804.2 slotted locknut much easier to use and adjust. The GN 1804.2 slotted locknut is available in blackened steel with a strength class of 5 for thread sizes from M 12 x 1.5 to M 40 x 1.5.

Additional thread sizes and stainless steel designs are available on request.

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