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GN 565.7

Inclined Stainless Steel-Cabinet “U” handles

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Weight
Description b l±0.25 a b2 d h1 h2 h3 h4 +1 r tmin. g
GN 565.7-20-112-A-MT 20 112 13 24 M 6 32 48 50 13.5 13 10
GN 565.7-20-128-A-MT 20 128 13 24 M 6 32 48 50 13.5 13 10

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Inclined Stainless Steel-Cabinet "U" handles GN 565.7 are produced from profiled Stainless Steel extrusions. Their special features are their rigidity and ergonomical shaping.<BR>
The angled contact surface allows improved access even in tight spaces such as corners.<BR>
The manufacturing process (bending) allows the production of <strong>special lengths</strong> in relatively small quantities.


– Type <strong>A</STRONG>: Mounting from the back (threaded blind bore)<BR>
Stainless Steel<BR>
– AISI 304<BR>
– matt shot-blasted <Strong>MT</STRONG>