GN 333.8

Handle shanks for tubular handles

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Mounting holes Weight
Description d1 b1 b2 b3 b4 h1 h2 d2 tmin. g
GN 333.8-28-A-SW 28 25 14 50 66 50 66 M8 15 120
GN 333.8-28-A-SR 28 25 14 50 66 50 66 M8 15 120

Additional information


Type <STRONG>A</STRONG>: back mounting by means of a M8 screw, tapped blind hole.

Features and applications

Handle shanks GN 333.8 can be used for longer tubes or higher loads of the tubular handles.<BR><BR>They can be used for tube tube Ø 28 of the tubular handles GN 333, GN 333.1, GN 333.2 and GN 333.3.

Handle shanks

Zinc alloy, die-cast.<BR><BR>- Version <STRONG>SW</STRONG>: RAL 9005, black colour, matte finish, epoxy resin coating.<BR>- Version <STRONG>SR</STRONG>: RAL 9006, silver, matte textured finish, epoxy resin coating.