GN 425.5

Folding handles

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Product Details

Standard Elements Main dimensions Static load in N Weight
Description l ±0.25 h1 h2 h3 g
GN 425.5-100-CR 100 34 44.5 55 500 111
GN 425.5-120-CR 120 34 44.5 55 500 120
GN 425.5-180-CR 180 34 44.5 55 500 160

Additional information

Attachment part

Polyamide based (PA) technoplymer, black, matte finish.<BR>Temperature resistant up to 100 °C.<BR>


Polyamide based (PA) technoplymer, black-grey, matte finish. <BR>Temperature resistant up to 100 °C.

Features and applications

Folding handles GN 425.5 are used in places where the handle must not protrude or produde only a short distance.<BR>The handle is locked in place in the resting position by means of a spring-loaded (cuo springs) thrust bolt.<BR>The static load capacity value given in the table is an approximate value which, if exceeded, may result in permanent deformation or fracture of the plastic attachment part. The folding handle GN 425.2 may be used as an alternative.<BR>


<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #eeeeee">Chrome-plated steel. Round cross section bar.<BR></FONT>