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Spacer sleeves for EBP. bridge handles

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Product Details

Handles with spacers Main dimensions F1 F2 L1 L2
D H d h [N] [N] [J] [J]
EBP.110 22.5 18 6.5 53 1600 1500 8 3
EBP.140 26.5 19.5 8.5 58.5 2200 1800 10 4
EBP.180 29 20.5 9 64.5 2200 1500 12 5
EBP.200 29 20.5 9 70.5 2200 1500 16 9
Standard Elements Weight
Code Description Spacers for g
260001 DS-EBP.110 EBP.110 7
260003 DS-EBP.140 EBP.140 9
260005 DS-EBP.180-200 EBP.180-200 11

Additional information


Through holes.


Grey-black, matte finish.

Features and applications

Spacer sleeves for EBP. bridge handles have been designed to increase the distance between the handle and the fitting surface so as to offer a comfortable, safe and ergonomic grip also when the operator is wearing gloves.


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Technical data

Tensile stress and impact strength: F1, F2, L1 and L2 values reported in the table are the result of breaking tests carried out with the appropriate dynamometric equipment under the test conditions shown in the figure with ambient temperature.

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