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Flush pull handle with flapassembly by means of screws

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Technical Drawing

Product Details

Standard Elements Main dimensions F1 F2 Weight
Code Description B L H f h1 h2 b1 b2 l2 [N] [N] g
261131-* EPR.120/F-SH-* 120 95 28.5 64 24 26.5 94 103 11 1200 400 70
* Complete the code and the description of the standard item needed by adding the index of the colour of the screw cover (C1,….,C6) ex: 261131-C2  EPR.120/F-SH-C2
Code Description
29852-* ECO.R2-*
* Complete the code and the description by adding the index of the colour (C1,….,C6).
panel thickness
x y f f1 d
1÷1.2 107.5+0.2 73+0.5 64±0.1 76.8±0.1 2.5±0.02
>1.2÷1.5 107.5+0.2 73+0.5 64±0.1 77±0.1 2.55±0.02
>1.5÷2 107.5+0.2 73+0.5 64±0.1 77.2±0.1 2.6±0.02
>2÷2.5 107.5+0.2 74+0.5 64±0.1 77.5±0.1 2.65±0.02
>2.5÷3 107.5+0.2 74+0.5 64±0.1 77.8±0.1 2.65±0.02
>3÷3.5 107.5+0.2 74+0.5 64±0.1 78.1±0.1 2.7±0.02
>3.5÷4 107.5+0.2 75+0.5 64±0.1 78.4±0.1 2.7±0.02
>4÷4.5 107.5+0.2 75+0.5 64±0.1 78.7±0.1 2.7±0.02
>4.5÷5 107.5+0.2 75+0.5 64±0.1 79±0.1 2.7±0.02

Additional information


Passing through holes for AISI 304 stainless steel self-tapping screws according to ISO 7050 Ø 2.9×9.5 mm, supplied (see Assembly instructions).

Assembly instructions

1. Drill the handle housing according to the template dimensions reported in the table.<BR>2. Remove all drilling burrs before fitting the handle.<BR>3. Fit the upper part of the handle into the housing (Fig. 1) and press onto the lower part until firmly in place.<BR>4. Gently push the handle downward (Fig. 2).<BR>5. Fit the two self-tapping screws (Fig. 3).<BR>6. Assemble the screw cover by pressing on the lateral sides first and finally on the central part (Fig. 4).


Grey-black, matte finish.

Drilling template

On panels with thickness (s) exceeding 2.5 mm, we recommend you to fit the handle following one of the here-under reported ways:<BR>- by two self-tapping screws in the bores "d";<BR>- by two countersunk head screws M3x6 after tapping the bores in the panels;<BR>- by two countersunk head screws M3x10 with nuts, after drilling blind holes Ø 3.2 mm.

Ergonomy and design

A modern design thanks to the compact shape. The internal profile of the cavity offers a safe, comfortable and ergonomic grip. The coloured screw cover improves the visibility of the handle and offers the possibility of product customisation. The flap is a unique feature for closing completely the recess.


Grey-black technopolymer, matte finish, stainless steel return spring.


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Screw cover

Technopolymer in Ergostyle colours, glossy finish, removable by a screwdriver by playing upon the central part (see drawing).<BR>Available also as accessory sold separately (see caps table).

Technical data

The lifting (F1) and pull out (F2) resistance values reported in the table are the result of the tests carried out in laboratory with handles assembled on strengthened metal sheet panels with thickness = 1.5 mm (strengthened for test purposes).

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