GN 391-NI

Connecting units for linear actuators

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Technical Drawing

Product Details

Standard Elements Main dimensions Weight
Description d1 l1 d2 f7 l2 g
GN 391-18-47-NI 18 47 * 6 16 61
GN 391-30-60-NI 30 60 * 8 16 182
GN 391-40-93-NI 40 93 * 12 17 505
GN 391-50-93-NI 50 93 * 12 18 788
* Length according to customer’s requirement.

Additional information


– Housings GN 298 <BR>- Bevel gear wheels GN 297<BR>- Position indicators GN DD51 (see main catalouge page 488).<BR>- Position indicators GN DD52R (see main catalouge page 494).<BR>- Installation kits for linear actuators GN 295


Bevel-gear wheels / handwheels, tube clamps connectors and accessoires are to be ordered separately.

End caps


Features and applications

Transfer units GN 391 are normally used in connection with linear actuators (GN 291, GN 292, GN 293). They are designed to translate the rotary movement for operating the linear actuators to another point or position. <BR>The transfer unit in the standard length l<SUB>1 </SUB>is a special design: it is designed to turn the operating axis for the linear actuators (handwheel) by 90° together with an angular gear drive. <BR>As in linear actuators, digital position indicators can be fitted.

Guide tube

Precision AISI 301 stainless steel tube, DIN 2462.

Special executions on request (For sufficient quantities)

Transfer units GN 391 according to customer´s reqiuerement (e.g. GN 391-50-500-NI)<BR><BR>


Stainless steel thust ball bearings.