GN 131.1

Two-way connecting clamps for linear actuators

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Clamping kits Weight
Description d1 Bore without slider bush d1 Bore with slider bush d2 Bore without slider bush d3 d4 k l m For d3 g
GN 131.1-B18-B18-2-SW B 18 B 18 M 6 M 3 25 64 20 GN 911-M6-22 66
GN 131.1-G18-B18-2-SW G 18 B 18 M 6 M 3 25 64 20 GN 911-M6-22 62

Additional information


– Tubings GN 990. <BR>- Linear actuators GN 291.<BR>- Linear actuators GN 292.<BR>- Clamping kits GN 911 (clamping handles GN 300.1 with distance bushing).


Linear actuator connectors GN 131.1 are normally supplied only in connection with a mounted actuator and for function control. <BR><BR>By means of the clamping screw on the guide bores d<SUB>1 </SUB>/ d<SUB>2 </SUB>the movement can either be set or the slider can be clamped (after setting of final adjustment). <BR><BR>The standard clamping bolts are socket cap screws DIN 912, supplied assembled. They can be replaced by clamping kits GN 911 (description see table of dimensions).

Clamping screws

Identification no. <STRONG>2</STRONG>: with two AISI 304 stainless steel-clamping screws DIN 912 and nuts DIN 985.<BR>


Version <STRONG>SW</STRONG>: RAL 9005 black, matte finish, epoxy resin coating.