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GN 70-NI

Adhesive discs

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Weight
Description d1 d2 ± 0.3 d3 +0.05 s g
GN 70-27-A-NI 27 +0.1/+0.5 5.5 11 3 12
GN 70-45-A-NI 45 ±0.2 6 8.5 2 24

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Features and applications

Adhesive discs GN 70 are used as companion parts for retaining magnets, e.g. if a magnet is to be used in connection with non-magnetic materials.<BR>They can be fixed with countersunk screws (e.g. DIN 7991), but also with any commercial wood or sheet metal counterusnk screws.<BR>


Stainless Steel, magnetisable.

Standard versions available

– Type <STRONG>A</STRONG>: flat.