GN 51.6

Retaining magnets

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Technical Drawing

Product Details

Standard Elements Main dimensions Nominal adhesive forces in N Weight
Description d1 m d2 d3 h tmin. g
GN 51.6-ND-43-22-M4 43 22 M4 39 10.3 6 85 37
GN 51.6-ND-43-27-M5 43 27 M5 39 10.3 7 85 36
GN 51.6-ND-57-32-M6 57 32 M6 53 11.3 7 175 87
GN 51.6-ND-57-36-M6 57 36 M6 53 11.3 7 175 87

Additional information

Features and applications

Retaining magnets GN 51.6 are a shielded magnetic system with rubber jacket.

The rubber jacket protects sensitive surfaces from being damaged by the magnet and also delivers a higher friction coefficient, resulting in high lateral adhesion forces.

Its dimensions, especially the drill hole spacing m and the thread d2, match the clamp mountings GN 473, GN 477 and GN 480.

Material of the magnet

Neodymium, iron, boron NdFeB <STRONG>ND</STRONG>, temperature resistant up to 80°C<BR>


Disc-shaped, with two female threads, with rubber jacket<BR>Steel part, zinc-plated<BR>Rubber jacket, Elastomer (TPE), 80 Shore A ≈, black<BR>