GN 58

Pot magnets

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Nominal adhesive forces Weight
Description d1 d2 d3 h in N g
GN 58-AN-19 19 3.7 8.7 +0.8/-0.2 7.5 30 17
GN 58-AN-29 29 4.8 10.5 +1/0 9 50 43
GN 58-AN-38 38 4.8 10 1/-0.5 10.5 130 83

Additional information

Features and applications

Pot magnets GN 58 are a non-shielded magnetic system.<BR><BR>To ensure that the magnetic properties (adhesive forces) are not impaired, the fixing screws must be made of <STRONG>non-magnetic</STRONG> material.<BR><BR>For easier handling and/or to avoid demagnetisation, these magnets have an iron plate on their adhesive surface.

Material of the magnet

<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #eeeeee">Aluminium, nickel, cobalt AINiCo <STRONG>AN</STRONG>, temperature resistant up to 280° C<BR>Lacquering red, temperature resistant up to 180° C<BR></FONT>


<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #eeeeee">With bore<BR>Housing steel<BR></FONT>