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Steering three-arm handwheel with revolving handles

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Technical Drawing

Product Details

Standard elements Main dimensions Bore Handle C # L # Weight
Code Description D L B l d1 d2 d4 d5 h1 d H7 h H R [Nm] [J] g
207731-* ETK.400+I A-20-* 400 54 28 12 35 33 80 70 14 20 38 65 178 320 18 980
# See Technical Data for maximum applicable torque (C) and impact strength (L).
Code Description Boss cap for
29451-* ECB.I3-* ETK.400
* Complete with colour index (C1,….,C6).

Additional information

Accessories on request

Axial retaining washer type GN 184.

Boss cap

Polyester based technopolymer (PBT) in Ergostyle colours, glossy finish. Provided with the supply, press-fit assembly, removable by pressing on the outer edge (ELESA original design). <BR>Available also as accessory sold separately (see table).


Black, matte finish.

Ergonomy and design

The three equidistant arms (120°) offer a perfect grip and the greatest operational easiness. The rounded lines, the special compact and ergonomic shape of ETK. handwheel design together with the absence of cavities offer an excellent level of safety for hands during the steering operations.


Glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene based (PP) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Special executions on request

Bosses with hole and keyway in compliance with DIN 6885/1 P9 tolerance. <BR>To order the handwheel with keyway complete code and description with the index -K (i.e. 207731-K- ETK.400+I.631 A-20-K-). <BR><BR>For sufficient quantities: <BR>- Executions with locking device and latch (Elesa patent), see drawings. <BR>- ETK. steering handwheel can be personalised with marks, logo or special graphics (tampoprinting). The handwheels or handles can be supplied also in special coloured technopolymer.

Standard execution

Black-oxide steel boss, H7 reamed hole. <BR>Revolving handle I.631+x high-resilience polypropylene based (PP) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish, not removable.

Additional Technical Drawing