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Bracket and support for ELEROLL roller tracks

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Standard Elements Weight
Code Description g
429841 RLT-MB 35
429846 RLT-MS 49
429848 RLT-MS-A12 145

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The bracket and the support are equipped with dowels that are housed in the slots in the lower side of RLT-AL aluminum profiles (Fig. 1) and in special counterseats on the same support for the combination of more supporting elements (Fig. 2). <BR>RLT-MB bracket is compatible with profiles having a slot of 8 mm width (Fig.4). <BR>The bracket and the support allow to mount ELEROLL roller tracks in different configurations. Some examples are shown in Fig.1, Fig.2 and Fig.3. <BR><SUB>* Trademark application</SUB>

Features and applications

The bracket and the support facilitate the mounting of ELEROLL roller tracks on machines and other supporting structures.


Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour.

Standard executions

– <STRONG>RLT-MB</STRONG>: bracket.<BR>- <STRONG>RLT-MS</STRONG>: support.<BR>- <STRONG>RLT-MS-A12</STRONG>: support with connecting rod and M6 cylindrical head screw with hexagon socket.

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