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Ball elements for ELEROLL roller tracks

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429801 RLS-U-POM 151

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Ball holder

Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour.


Acetal resin based (POM) technopolymer, white colour.

Features and applications

– The ball elements, suitably fixed within the RLT-AL aluminum profiles (Fig. 1) create modular roller tracks for idle omnidirectional handling. <BR>- The ball elements can be combined with RLT-U roller elements for applications in several fields: feeding and discharging benches in construction machinery, storage and picking systems, packaging machinery, etc. <BR>- The low friction coefficient between the ball and the ball holder eliminates the need for lubrication maintenance. <BR>- The particular section of RLT-AL profile allows the snap-in assembly of the ball elements into the profile without the need for screws or other fasteners (Fig.1). <BR>- The ball elements are divisible in correspondence of predefined sections (Fig.2) so as to create roller tracks of the precise required length. <BR>-The balls may be removed and replaced without disassembling the entire roller track, by using a common screwdriver in the appropriate notch cut into the ball holder (Fig. 3).

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See:ELEROLL Modular roller tracks <BR><SUB>* Trademark application</SUB>

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