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GN 506.1-NI

T-Nuts without guide step

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Width Weight
Description b d H +0.5 d1 h1 h2 f b1 g
GN 506.1-14-M4-NI 14 -0.2 M4 22.5 5 7.4 1.7 6.8 8 11
GN 506.1-14-M5-NI 14 -0.2 M5 22.5 5 7.4 1.7 6.8 8 11
GN 506.1-14-M6-NI 14 -0.2 M6 22.5 5 7.4 1.7 6.8 8 10
GN 506.1-14-M8-NI 14 -0.2 M8 22.5 5 7.4 1.7 6.8 8 9

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Stainless steel.<BR>

Features and applications

T-nuts with guide step GN 506.1-NI can be turned into position, i.e. they can be inserted at any point along the slot. <BR>The spring loaded ball will prevent an unwanted movement of the nut in the slot which is highly desirable on a bed with the T-slots in a vertical position. <BR>As an example, T-nuts GN 506.1-NI can be used to fit hinges to commercially available extrusion rails.<BR>AISI 303 stainless steel, thanks to its high resistance to corrosion, allows the application of these T-nuts on machines and equipment in those sectors where laws or particular hygienic, climatic and environmental factors make it mandatory to use corrosion resistant materials.


AISI 303 stainless steel <STRONG>NI</STRONG>.


Stainless steel.

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