GN 588

Thread adapters

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Standard Elements Main dimensions C-Spanner Weight
Description d1 d2 d3 d4 l1 l2 s1 s2 g
GN 588-M16-M8 M16 M8 35 5 20 8 30 6 DIN 1810-A34-36 60
GN 588-M20-M10 M20 M10 38 5 24 9 32 6 DIN 1810-A34-36 100
GN 588-M24-M12 M24 M12 42 5 28 9 36 6 DIN 1810-A40-42 140
GN 588-M30-M16 M30 M16 51 6 36 10 46 7 DIN 1810-A52-55 290
GN 588-M36-M20 M36 M20 65 6 43 12 55 8 DIN 1810-A58-62 400

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C-Spanner DIN 1810 (code no. see table).

Application and assembly information

– The contact surface must be plane and at a right angle to the threaded taphole. <BR><BR>- In the screwed-in state, the screw collar must make firm contact.<BR><BR>- Minimum screw-in length 1,2 x rated thread diameter in steel. When used in other materials, the load-bearing capacity drops. <BR><BR>- Operating instructions with more details and specifications are enclosed with every delivery. <BR><BR><BR>


GN 588 thread adapters are used if high strength GN 581 eye bolts or GN 586 rotating lifting eye bolts are to be used for tap holes designed for inserting DIN 580 eye bolts. <BR><BR>The load-bearing capacity of GN 586 rotating lifting bolts is such that a carrying element with a smaller thread is sufficient, which is normally a more cost effective option. <BR><BR>The head version allows the installation with fork or hook key, and with a pin. <BR><BR>C-Spanners have to be ordered separately. <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>


<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #eeeeee">Zinc-plated steel C35, blue passivated.<BR></FONT>