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GN 185

Washers for countersunk head screws

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Weight Countersunk
DIN 7991/ISO 2009
Description d1 d2 d3 h h1 g
GN 185-18-NI 18 4.3 8.5 3 0.8 4 M4
GN 185-20-NI 20 5.3 10.3 3.5 1 5 M5
GN 185-22-NI 22 6.4 12.3 4 1 7 M6
GN 185-26-NI 26 8.4 16.4 5 1 12 M8

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Features and applications

Bezel discs GN 185 are used for shrouding screw joints when a visually nice finish is required. The purpose of the plastic discs supplied as a standard item on delivery is merely to avoid damage to improved surfaces.<BR>Bezel discs are supplied in packs of 10 pieces per size.


AISI 303 stainless steel, shot-blasted matte finish.

Plastic disc

Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, white colour.

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