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Adjustable angle square tube connectors

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Tube dimensions Rotation angle Weight
Code Description L l h External Thickness Internal ß min-max g
430003 STC.20-2A-2W-A-C9 20 17 35 20 1.5 17 0-190 54
430053 STC.25-2A-2W-A-C9 25 22 38 25 1.5 22 45-195 64
430103 STC.25-3A-3W-A-C9 25 22 38 25 1.5 22 45-195 85

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Black, matte finish.


Polyamide (PA) based tecnopolymer.<BR>Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Features and applications

Suitable for creating structures composed by square profiles. The assembly can be performed simply by positioning the connector, forcing it, inside the profile, with no need of screws or other fasteners.

Standard executions

– <STRONG>2A-2W</STRONG>: bidimensional two-way connector.<BR>- <STRONG>3A-3W</STRONG>: tridimensional three-way connector.

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