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Levelling elements for ground mounting

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Technical Drawing

Product Details

Without no-slip disk With no-slip disk Main dimensions Threaded stem Wrench Max limit static load* Weight
Code Description Code Description D L L1# l1 d l s [N] g g#
313921 LV.F-125-ACV-M20x136 316921 LV.F-125-ACV-AS-M20x136 125 200 210 64 M20 136 24 40000 585 835
313925 LV.F-125-ACV-M20x186 316925 LV.F-125-ACV-AS-M20x186 125 250 260 64 M20 186 24 40000 695 945
313931 LV.F-125-ACV-M24x136 316931 LV.F-125-ACV-AS-M24x136 125 200 210 64 M24 136 24 40000 735 985
313935 LV.F-125-ACV-M24x186 316935 LV.F-125-ACV-AS-M24x186 125 250 260 64 M24 186 24 40000 845 1095
313941 LV.F-125-ACV-M30x136 316941 LV.F-125-ACV-AS-M30x136 125 200 210 64 M30 136 30 40000 945 1195
313945 LV.F-125-ACV-M30x186 316945 LV.F-125-ACV-AS-M30x186 125 250 260 64 M30 186 30 40000 1035 1285
* “Max limit static load” means the value over which the applied load to the element, in certain conditions of use, may cause plastic material deformation.# Data with no-slip disk mounted.

Additional information

Accessories on request

Zinc-plated steel nut to be ordered separately (see Nuts NT.).

Articulated through stem

Threaded zinc-plated steel and regulation hexagon.


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.


Black, matte finish.

Cup washer

Zinc-plated steel.

Features and applications

<P>The light knurling under the lower lip of the levelling element provides excellent <STRONG>stability and grip</STRONG> when using the levelling element without no-slip disk even on surfaces that are not perfectly flat. <BR>The levelling element is <STRONG>supplied assembled</STRONG>.</P>

Ground mounting

By means of two holes at 180°, covered by breakable plastic diaphragms which can be easily removed by a metal tool. They avoid all unhealthy deposits of dirt and dust when the ground mounting is not required (see below Assembly Instructions).

No-slip disk

NBR synthetic rubber, hardness 90 Shore A. <BR>- LV.F: without no-slip disk. <BR>- LV.F-AS: with no-slip disk, supplied assembled, reinforced with a zinc-plated steel plate and fixed by means of two screws.

Special executions on request (For sufficient quantities)

AISI 304 stainless steel stems.

Stem/base assembly

By means of zinc-plated steel set screw and washer.

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