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Levelling elements

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Without no-slip disk With no-slip disk Main dimensions Threaded stem Articulation Max limit static load* Weight
Code Description Code Description D D1 L L1# l1 l2 d1 d2 d l Ø [N] g g#
304118 LV.A-70-14-M16x78-ELK 308118 LV.A-70-14-AS-M16x78-ELK 70 70 132 135 51 35 33 20 M16 78 14 14000 332 352
304581 LV.A-80-14-M16x78-ELK 308581 LV.A-80-14-AS-M16x78-ELK 80 70 137 140 56 35 33 20 M16 78 14 14000 330 356
* “Max limit static load” means the value over which the applied load to the element, in certain conditions of use, may cause plastic material deformation.# Data with no-slip disk mounted.

Additional information

Accessories on request

Zinc-plated steel nut to be ordered separately (see Nuts NT.).

Articulated stem with built-in regulation knob

Threaded zinc-plated steel stem complete with regulation knob in technopolymer type ELK.


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.


Black, matte finish.

Features and applications

The light knurling under the lower lip of the levelling element provides excellent <STRONG>stability and grip</STRONG> when using the levelling element without no-slip disk even on surfaces that are not perfectly flat.<BR>The particular configuration of bases and no-slip disks assures a strong assembly, preventing separation in case of strong impact or adhesion with the floor (see No-slip disks). <BR>ELK. built-in regulation knob enables the operator to adjust manually the stem without the use of any tools or keys.<BR>The levelling element is <STRONG>supplied assembled</STRONG>.

No-slip disk

<P>NBR synthetic rubber, hardness 70 Shore A. <BR>- LV.A: without no-slip disk. <BR>- LV.A-AS: with no-slip disk, supplied assembled.</P>


Threaded stem with built-in knob SM-14-M16x78-ELK (code 302581) is also available sold separately to fit to other bases with hole for articulation with diameter 14 mm.

Washer and retaining screw (M4x10)

Black-oxide steel.