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GN 115-NI


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Standard Elements Main dimension Weight
Description A g#
GN 115-*-6-NI 6 80
GN 115-*-10-NI 10 130
GN 115-*-14-NI 14 130
GN 115-*-18-NI 18 130
GN 115-*-20-NI 20 130
GN 115-*-22-NI 22 130
GN 115-*-24-NI 24 130
GN 115-*-26-NI 26 130
GN 115-*-28-NI 28 130
GN 115-*-30-NI 30
GN 115-*-34-NI 34
GN 115-*-38-NI 38
GN 115-*-40-NI 40
GN 115-*-50-NI 50
*Complete the description of the standard item needed by adding DK (Operation with trianuglar spindle (DK7)), VK7 (Operation with square spindle A/F7),VK8 (Operation with square spindle A/F8), SCH (Operation with Slot) or VDE (Operation with double bit)

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Stainless Steel-Latches GN 115 lock by a turning operation limited to 90° which moves the locking behind the door frame. The bevels of the locking ease the closing of the door.<BR>
Latches with different cranks cover a range A from 6 to 28 mm.<BR>
The operating bolt is fitted with an O-ring for sealing.<BR>
Stainless Steel-Latches GN 115 are supplied with loosely enclosed locking.


– Type <STRONG>DK</STRONG>: Operation with triangular spindle DK7<BR>- Type <STRONG>VK7</STRONG>: Operation with square spindle A/F7.<BR>- Type <STRONG>VK8</STRONG>: Operation with square spindle A/F8.<BR>- Type <STRONG>SCH</STRONG>: Operation with slot.<BR>- Type <STRONG>VDE</STRONG>: Operation with double bit.<BR>
Lock housing<BR>
Stainless Steel <STRONG>NI</STRONG><BR>
AISI 303<BR>
Stainless Steel AISI 304<BR>
Protection class IP65<BR>

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