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GN 115.6


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Standard Elements Main dimensions Weight
Description A g
GN 115.6-DK-7.5 7.5 24
GN 115.6-VK-7.5 7.5 25
GN 115.6-SCH-7.5 7.5 20
GN 115.6-DK-13.5 13.5 24
GN 115.6-VK-13.5 13.5 25
GN 115.6-SCH-13.5 13.5 20
GN 115.6-DK-19.5 19.5 24
GN 115.6-VK-19.5 19.5 25
GN 115.6-SCH-19.5 19.5 20

Additional information

Accessories on request

– Key GN 119.2.<BR>- Protective caps GN 120.

Assembly instruction

Stainless Steel-Mini-Latches GN 115.6 have smaller dimensions than latches GN 115. <BR>They lock by a turning operation limited to 90° which moves the locking behind the door frame. The bevels of the locking ease the closing of the door. <BR>Latches with different cranks allow a latch distance A in the range from 8, 14 and 20 mm. <BR>In their standard design, the latches have the same lock / the same key. <BR>Mini-Latches GN 115.6 are supplied with loosely enclosed locking. <BR>

Features and applications

Mini-Latches GN 115.6 have smaller dimensions than GN 115. They lend themselves ideally for small doors and flaps. In addition they are a low cost product. However they offer a straightforward locking action rather than a locking and clamping action. <BR>The latch distance A of this mini-locks is made to suit 7.5, 13.5 and 19.5 mm.

Lock housing

AISI 303 stainless steel.

Metal elements

AISI 304 stainless steel.

Standard versions available

– Type <STRONG>DK</STRONG>: with triangular spindle key.<BR>- Type <STRONG>VK</STRONG>: with square spindle (A/F6).<BR>- Type <STRONG>SCH</STRONG>: operation with slot.

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