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Latches with handle and recessed key for quick-assembly

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Product Details

Standard Elements Main dimension Weight
Code Description l g
421251 CQTL/A-FM-35-18 18 25
421252 CQTL/A-FM-35-20 20 26
421253 CQTL/A-FM-35-22 22 27
421254 CQTL/A-FM-35-25 25 29
421255 CQTL/A-FM-35-30 30 34
421256 CQTL/T-FM-35-18 18 25
421257 CQTL/T-FM-35-20 20 26
421258 CQTL/T-FM-35-22 22 27
421259 CQTL/T-FM-35-25 25 29
421260 CQTL/T-FM-35-30 30 34

Additional information

Assembly instructions

The latch is inserted in the mounting hole of the door on the lever side (see picture) until the wings of the elastic washer snap in, ensuring complete fastening.<BR>The latches are supplied with assembled lever for faster mounting.<BR>Where needed, the latch can be disassembled from the inside of the door by means of a disassembling tool (to be ordered separately).

Disassembly tool (to be ordered separately)

Code 421550 ATTREZZO CQT.FM. in AISI 304 stainless steel.


With steel plate thickness ranging from 1 to 2 mm CQTL.FM latches (patented) allow faster mounting on doors.

IP protection

IP 65 protection class according to IEC 529 table.


Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer.


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide-based technopolymer (PA), black colour.

Maximum continuous working temperature


Packing ring

Silicon directly applied onto the back side of the stator head.



Special executions on request

– Closing levers in zinc-plated steel.<BR>- Latches and keys supplied separately.

Standard executions

– <STRONG>CQTL/A:</STRONG> two-wing groove for key.<BR>- <STRONG>CQTL/T:</STRONG> triangular groove for key.

Washer with elastic fixing wings and self-tapping screw

Stainless steel.

Additional Technical Drawing