GN 315

Snap locks

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Weight
Description Adjusting distance min. Adjusting distance max. b max thickness of the door l1 l2 g
GN 315-A1 18 23 10.5….15.5 26.5….31.5 34…29 130
GN 315-A2 23 28 15.5….20.5 31.5….36.5 34….29 140

Additional information

Assembly instructions

With these snap locks, doors or flaps can be locked but not clamped in place. For this reason it is important that the closing distance A (door + sash width) is accurately positioned.<BR><BR>The closing distance in the GN 315 snap locks is infinitely adjustable with the setting sleeve with precision thread, a feature which makes installation a great deal easier.<BR><BR>To mount, set a borehole in the door as shown in the outline drawing opposite.The snap lock can be pushed through the borehole from the front, the hex nut can be fitted from the back.<BR><BR>For bringing in the assembly drilling, the <STRONG>sheet metal punch GN 123 </STRONG>is suitable.<BR><BR>The installation bore diametre can also be set by dilling / milling.

Features and applications

Snap locks GN 315 are characterised by a radial, spring-loaded slide causing the locking action. When the door is closed, the locking action sets in automatically: the chamfered slide is first pushed back via an appropriately arranged lug and then moved into the locking position by the pressure spring. <BR><BR>The door is unlocked via the push button. To operate the doors, these snap locks are fitted with an operating button.

Hexagon nut

Zinc-plated steel.

Lock housing

Zinc pressure die cast, corrosion-resistant ZNDG Pass. nano®-coating, anthracite coloured.<BR>

Operating button / slide

<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #eeeeee">Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, plastic, black matte finish.<BR></FONT>

Push button

Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, plastic, light grey.

Setting sleeve

Steel, epoxy resin coating.<BR>RAL 9005 black, matte finish.<BR>

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