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GN 115-NI


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Standard Elements Main dimension Weight
Description A g#
GN 115-*-6-NI 6 80
GN 115-*-10-NI 10 130
GN 115-*-14-NI 14 130
GN 115-*-18-NI 18 130
GN 115-*-20-NI 20 130
GN 115-*-22-NI 22 130
GN 115-*-24-NI 24 130
GN 115-*-26-NI 26 130
GN 115-*-28-NI 28 130
GN 115-*-30-NI 30 130
GN 115-*-34-NI 34 130
GN 115-*-38-NI 38 130
GN 115-*-40-NI 40 130
GN 115-*-50-NI 50 130
*Complete the description of the standard item needed by adding RG (Operation with knurled knob GN 7336), KG (Operation with wrench), HG (Operation with Lever), SG (Operation with star knob), KGN (Operation with Stainless Steel-Wrench) or HGN (Operation with Stainless Steel-Lever)# Weight type SG.

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Stainless Steel-Latches GN 115 lock by a turning operation limited to 90° which moves the locking behind the door frame. The bevels of the locking ease the closing of the door.<BR>
Latches with different cranks cover a range A from 6 to 50 mm.<BR>
The operating bolt is fitted with an O-ring for sealing.<BR>
Stainless Steel-Latches GN 115 are supplied with loosely enclosed locking.


Types<BR>- Type <STRONG>RG</STRONG> Operation with knurled knob GN 7336<BR>
– Type <STRONG>KG</STRONG> Operation with wrench<BR> – Type <STRONG>HG</STRONG> Operation with Lever<BR>
– Type <STRONG>SG</STRONG>: Operation with AISI 304 stainless steel lobe knob, type GN 5334.<BR>- Type <STRONG>KGN</STRONG>: Operation with Stainless Steel-Wrench<BR> – Type <STRONG>HGN</STRONG>: Operation with Stainless Steel-Lever<BR>
Lock housing <STRONG>NI</STRONG><BR>
AISI 303<BR>
AISI 304<BR>
Operating handles (Type SG, KGN, HGN)<BR>
Operating handles (Type RG, KG, HG)<BR>
Plastic (Polyamide PA)<BR>
black, matt<BR>
Protection class IP65<BR>

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