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GN 855


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Description Main dimensions FH in N Weight
Description h1 max. l1 b1 b2 d1 d2 h2 h3 h4 l2 l3 l4 l5 l6 m w1 w2 g
GN 855-40-32-C2 40 32 60 26 M10 8.5 111 168 129 30 18 72 168 173 45 19 32 15000 1100
GN 855-75-32-C2 75 32 60 26 M10 8.5 146 168 164 30 18 72 168 207 45 1 32 15000 890

Additional information

Bearing flange

Sheet steel, blackened.

Clamp / Operating handle

Forged steel, blackened.

Clamping bolt / Nut

Steel, blackened.

Counter plate / Bearing pin

Steel, blackened.

Features and applications

C-Clamps GN 855 feature an especially robust, sturdy and compact design, allowing them to be used under severe and demanding conditions, e.g. higher temperatures, dust, mist, etc. <BR>The C-Clamps are normally installed and fixed at the clamping point. The counter plate supplied loose has a ball socket and is designed for attaching to the counter piece to be clamped. In connection with the ball-type bolt, this configuration ensure the precise positioning of the latch clamp. <BR>If the counter plate is not to remain at the counter piece to be clamped, the clamping bracket may alternatively also be used to hold GN 802 clamping bolts which have a pendulum-type bearing surface. <BR>

Standard version

– Type <STRONG>C2</STRONG>: for screwing.

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