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Adjustable hook clamps

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Standard Elements Maximum working load Load at breakage Weight
Code Description [N] [N] g
420151 TLM.Z-26/48-60+R 1500 3000 175
420152 TLM.SST-26/48-60+R 1500 3000 175
420153 TLML.Z-26/48-60+R 1500 3000 175

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Standard executions

– <STRONG>TLM</STRONG>: basic hook clamp.<BR>- <STRONG>TLML</STRONG>: hook clamp with padlock hole.<BR>Indexes for materials and treatments to add to the above-mentioned standard executions:<BR>- <STRONG>Z</STRONG>: zinc-plated steel.<BR>- <STRONG>SST</STRONG>: AISI 304 stainless steel.

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