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GN 861

Pneumatically operated clamps – Heavy duty type

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Female thread Holding force Clamping force at 4 bar~ Weight
Description b1 b2 b3 d1 d2 h1≈ h2 h3 l1≈ l2≈ l3≈ m1 m2 m3 m4 r ≈ s Ø FH [N] FS [N] g
GN 861-1000-EP-M 102 90 20 10.5 G1/4 145 80 25 410 90 155 65 12.5 65 48 140 13 8 10000 3200 6500
GN 861-2000-EP-M 112 100 20 10.5 G3/8 171.5 90 35 487 113 176 70 15 70 56 172 13 10 20000 3800 9500

Additional information

Bearing pins

Case-hardened steel.


Black laquered die-cast steel.<BR>Version <STRONG>EP-M</STRONG>: with solid clamping arm and magnetic piston.

Double acting cylinder

With adjustable cushioning, maximum operating pressure 6 bar.

Features and applications

All the moving parts are lubricated with special grease. GN 861 pneumatically operated clamps have been designed to make them easily disassembled. The bearing pins are axially fixed with circlips. This allows the clamping arm to be modified in order to suit any particular application. To ensure an extended life to the mechanical parts as well as their air cylinders, the operating pressure should not exceed 6 bar. In addition a lubro control unit should be fitted in the air line. <BR>GN 861 execution M (with magnetic piston) together with proximity switch GN 896.3 can be sensed and the generated signal leads to an electrical impulse. For further details see GN 896.3.

Metal parts

Zinc-plated weldable steel, blue passivated.

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