Extensions with M12x1 connector

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Standard Elements Main dimensions Weight
Code Description d Lmin g
426502 FC-M12x1-P4-2.5 5 2500 110
426505 FC-M12x1-P4-5.0 5 5000 200
426510 FC-M12x1-P4-10.0 5 10000 390
426503 FC-M12x1-P8-2.5 7.2 2500 210
426506 FC-M12x1-P8-5.0 7.2 5000 410
426511 FC-M12x1-P8-10.0 7.2 10000 810

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Electromechanical products with 4 and 8 pole male connector output. <BR>- CFSQ hinges with built-in safety switch. <BR>- CFSW hinges with built-in safety multiple switch. <BR>- EBR-SW handle with integrated microswitch.

Special executions on request

Extensions with cables in different lengths.

Standard executions

Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer connector with housing and contact holder, nickel-plated brass nut. <BR>-<STRONG> FC-M12x1-P4:</STRONG> 4 pole M12x1 female axial connector. Cable with sheath in PVC CEI 2022, black colour. <BR>- <STRONG>FC-M12x1-P8:</STRONG> 8 pole M12x1 female axial connector. Cable with sheath in PVC, black colour, UL/CSA STYLE type.

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