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Hinges with adjustable friction

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Standard Elements Main Dimensions Fitting Weight
Code Description L B f ±0.25 f1±0.25 H h1 b1 d3 h3 d5 C [Nm] # g
427512 CFU.40 CH-4 43 36.5 31.7 25.5 14 7.5 11.5 4.5 3.5 9 1 26
427522 CFU.60 CH-6 63.5 56.5 47.5 38 21 11.5 17.5 6.5 6.5 12.5 3 49
427513 CFU.40 CH-4 CLEAN 43 36.5 31.7 25.5 14 7.5 11.5 4.5 3.5 9 1 15
427523 CFU.60 CH-6 CLEAN 63.5 56.5 47.5 38 21 11.5 17.5 6.5 6.5 12.5 3 26
# Suggested tightening torque for assembly screws.
Resistance tests AXIAL STRESS RADIAL STRESS 90° ANGLED STRESS Resistant torque
Description Maximum working load Ea [N] Load at breakage Ra [N] Maximum working load Er [N] Load at breakage Rr [N] Maximum working load E90 [N] Load at breakage R90 [N] [Nm]
CFU.40 CH-4 700 1100 1400 1800 500 1000 1.4
CFU.60 CH-6 1500 2350 2250 3200 1500 2500 4

Additional information

Adjusting boss and screw

AISI 304 stainless steel screw.<BR>AISI 303 stainless steel adjusting boss.

Features and applications

The main feature of CFU. hinge is the possibility to adjust the resistant torque of the door on which it is assembled, facilitating the door clamping in the various positions of opening, partial opening and closing.<BR>To adjust the friction force, simply turn the screw on the hinge body, clockwise to increase the friction and anti-clockwise to reduce it.


Acetal-resin based technopolymer (POM). Resistant to oils, greases and other chemical agents. Flammability class UL94-HB.


Polycarbonate based (PC) technopolymer, black colour (white for CLEAN execution). Flammability class UL94-V2.

Resistant torque

The resistant torque values of 1.4 and 4 Nm can be obtained by applying a maximum tightening torque of 0.8 Nm (CFU.40) and 4 Nm (CFU.60) on the adjusting screw. <BR>The hinge had been tested with more than 60.000 opening and closing cycles and the values of the resistant torques were unchanged.

Rotation angle (approximate value)

Max 275º (-95° and +180° being 0° the condition where the two interconnected surfaces are on the same plane).<BR>Do not exceed the rotation angle limit so as not to prejudice the hinge mechanical performance.

Standard executions

Assembly by means of pass-through holes for cylindrical head screws. <BR>- <STRONG>CFU</STRONG>: black colour, matte finish. <BR>- <STRONG>CFU-CLEAN</STRONG>: white colour similar to RAL 9002, matte finish.

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