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Adjustable hinge

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Product Details

Standard Elements Main dimensions Mounting holes Weight
Code Description L B f f1 H h1 h2 b1 d d3 d4 g
426431 CFR.60 SH-6 60 75 34 42 16 9.5 8 29.5 8 6.5 12.5 72
Resistance tests AXIAL STRENGTH RADIAL STRENGTH 90° ANGLED STRENGTH Tightening torque [Nm]
Code Description Max limit static load Sa [N] Max limit static load Sr [N] Max limit static load S90 [N] SH
426431 CFR.60 SH-6 1800 2700 2130 5

Additional information

Adjusting inserts

Technopolymer, black colour.


Through holes for M6 countersunk-head screws.


Black, matte finish.

Features and applications

The adjusting inserts (ELESA patent) are designed to compensate limited misalignments of doors. Vertical and horizontal adjustments are both possible by simply setting the orientation of the inserts. The knurling on the hinge body holes and on the rear of the inserts avoid any accidental offset of the coupling during the assembly of the hinge so as to offer a secure mounting. A single product code to compensate vertical, horizontal or both misalignments.


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Rotation angle

Max 270°, between 0° and -90° and between 0° and 180° <BR>(0° = condition where the two interconnected surfaces are on the same plane). <BR>Do not exceed the rotation angle limit (see drawing) so as not to prejudice the hinge mechanical performance.

Rotation pin

AISI 303 stainless steel.


To choose the convenient type and the right number of hinges for your application, see the Guidelines.

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